Divine Creativity

As Christians our relationship with God is deeply enriched when it resonates with all our senses. Christian spirituality is experiential, full of colour, imagination, and creativity.  It is to be found in visualisation, in stillness, in the natural world, in music and, yes, in play. It is available to everyone, even those of us who would not normally count ourselves as creative or artistic.

Sue Doggett       [Read more about Divine Creativity in our Blog]

Divine Creativity is an invitation for people to meet in a supportive environment to enjoy fun, friendship, and food. Our sessions start with a short time of biblical reflection centred around a visual focal point, comprising carefully selected 3D artefacts related to the theme. This is followed by a guided craft activity related to the theme. The session concludes with an informal opportunity for the group to share their thoughts before everyone enjoys a shared lunch to which each member has contributed.

Divine Creativity Online

Although we are not able to meet in the normal way, we can still be creative under the current lockdown restrictions, in fact many are turning to a variety of creative activities to enrich and fill their time spent at home.

As a Divine Creativity challenge during the month of June, we would like to invite members of our benefice and beyond to consider a Bible verse or story, one that has a special meaning for you. What image, colours and feelings does it generate in you? How might you capture that image or feeling either through drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, or any form of creative activity that is meaningful for you.

We would like you to submit a photograph of your creative endeavour, together with the verse or story that inspired it and a short explanation of why you find it so significant. We will then create a graphic that combines the verse and the image together and email it back to you for your approval. Once approved, we would like to be able to share your image, together with your explanation and a brief description of how you created that image, with others through our benefice website and Facebook pages. We have already posted a couple of examples online to get the ball rolling.

Finally, we would like to invite all participants to a Zoom meet-up where we can chat together about the online contributions and share ideas and reflections over simple refreshments just as we normally would. We look forward to continuing to enjoy Divine Creativity with you online until we can all safely meet up again.

Please send your contribution by email to either Sue Doggett (sue@themediasuite.co.uk) or Mike Laramy (laramyonline@talktalk.net) An invitation to the Zoom link will be sent to individuals via email.

Sue Doggett and Mike Laramy