The Feast of St Uny

John Culver writes:

Last Sunday (10th February) The Mayor, Councillor Suzanne Tanner, The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Joan Symons and her Consort, together with several councillors and Mrs Louise Dowe, Town Clerk, guarded by Mr Paul Bates, the St Ives Mace bearer, headed a congregation of some 60, including several children, in the celebration of the Feast of St Uny.

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The bells are back … but not yet ready to ring …

The work to restore the bells at St Uny Church to the Tower has been more difficult than expected … mostly due to the hardness of Cornish granite! Putting in the new supports and cross-beams has proved to be hard work.

These last two weeks have seen much progress, the bells are now all in the tower, and most are hung and ready to ring once the ropes have been fitted.

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