Mike proclaims his faith in Christ, by being baptised at St Anta Church!

ADDENDUM – Mike was confirmed by the Bishop of Truro, Rt Revd Philip Mounstephen, at Pendeen Church, Cornwall, on Sunday 24th November 2019.

On Saturday 20th April 2019 (Easter Saturday), at St Anta Church, Carbis Bay, Mike Laramy was baptised by immersion in water. What an occasion! Mike asserts that, on that date, he was baptised not only in water but also in the Holy Spirit.

For more information on being baptised as an adult, please visit the Church of England Adult Baptism web page at: https://www.churchofengland.org/life-events/adult-baptism

Here is Mike’s story, in his own words:

Why, after 50+ years, I chose to be baptised

I’ve had this same neighbour for many years. At first he was just a passing acquaintance, a nod of acknowledgement on my part as our paths crossed. When I met my wife Liz, it turned out that she knew this neighbour much better than I did. When we were preparing to get married we went to this neighbour’s house and met some of his friends

– he has a lot of friends –

The neighbour was at our wedding, 1stof September 1984 in St. Uny Church, Lelant: a lovely and very special day. After we were married we didn’t see the neighbour so much, but, when I started teaching in Torrington in 1989 I needed somewhere to stay whilst we sorted out more permanent accommodation. This neighbour helped us out,

I know someone you can stay with; he’s a good friend of mine

And so I stayed for a while with the Reverend Jeremy Hummerstone and his lovely wife Clarissa and their family. The neighbour was often there and I sometimes went around to his place and met some more of his friends – did I mention he has lots of friends? – He would say,

Hi Mike you alright?

I’d reply – “yeah I’m fine thank you” and I’d leave it at that.

Eventually I got a teaching job in Cornwall – Redruth School. Then we were able to move to Carbis Bay. It turned out this neighbour had a nice house here and Liz started to visit him regularly – sometimes more than twice a week. I used to go around for special occasions: Christmas, harvest festival, and he’d say

Hi Mike, nice to see you, you alright?

I’d say – “yeah I’m fine thanks”, and I’d leave it at that. This went on for twenty years.

Then Liz became ill. On the 6th of February 2018 at 11:30 pm her little body finally gave up on her and let her go. The neighbour was there and I said to Him.

“Dear God – take Liz, look after her, keep her safe for me.”

And I know that he did take her and that she is with him now, safe in God’s keeping.

The next morning I was completely lost. Liz had been my guide, my compass for over 34 years. What was I to do without her? – What would Liz do? A good walk was needed, so we walked across the golf course to St Uny church and I found myself sat in the same pew I’d sat in 34½  years ago waiting for Liz – waiting for Liz.

Liz didn’t come, but my neighbour – God – was there,

You alright Mike?

“No”- I said

It’s OK! I’m here! I’ll be your guide and compass, I’ll show you the way,
just follow me.

So God, through His son Jesus Christ, has come to be with me to walk along side of me and to help and guide me. He has put His friends along my path to encourage and support me, now they are my friends. A friendship I am truly thankful for.

But God wants more. He wants his spirit to come and live with me, to be with me always, and I want this as well. But God has told me;

There’s not enough room, too much clutter taking up space, a lot of stuff that I need to get rid of.

So on April 20th 2019 I asked God for forgiveness – for what is past, for not knowing Him sooner. To make more room for Him, so that his Holy Spirit can come and live in me forever.   Amen

Mike Laramy – Baptised in the Holy Spirit 20thApril 2019